[M-Sta] V6 - Arigatou no Uta

2004 March 12

This is one of my favourite V6 songs... so I found this precious performance from 4 years ago and thought it would be nice to cap it...

Okada Junichi
Sakamoto Masayuki
Morita Go
Miyake Ken
Inohara Yoshihiko
Nagano Hiroshi
That's V6.

Oh... what's this? I think I accidentally uploaded some caps that are not related to the topic...

Oh, gosh, like, how do you delete picture again?

Like, I am such a noob with blogging really. Since I cannot delete them BECAUSE I CAN'T, lets just all enjoy the cuteness in the caps!

(Lol, that was so intentional... xD)
xD Hm... I wonder who the idiot in the above picture might be?

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