[Movie] Taiyou no Uta

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Starring: YUI, Tsukamoto Takashi... (Note: Tsukamoto will be know as Mimura from here onwards, although his character's name in this movie is Fujishirou Kouji)

I remember blogging about the drama version of Taiyou no Uta. So, this update will be more about comparisons between the movie and drama, which aspects of each I like better. There will be spoilers. I don't care. ^^ It's not like it is not obvious what will happen anyways.

Mimura played a good Kouji. Better than Yamada Takayuki. It might be just bias.
Then there was this scene from the movie "Crying Out Love In The Centre of the World" where Moriyama Mirai's character's girlfriend had Leukaemia.

xD Funny faces!!! I am sorry for appearing like I lack compassion. But sometimes, I crack up watching sad scenes. I get distracted easy. I am sorry for that.

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