[Drama] Sapuri/Suppli

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I think it's official English title is "Love Supplement" thus the Suppli.


Starring: Ito Misaki, Kamenashi Kazuya, Eita

Fujii Minami has been working all her life. She gave her all to the advertisement company she is working in. She worked and worked, and then got dumped by her boyfriend of four years cos she was working too much.Fujii Minami, overworked, underloved.

But then she met Ishida Yuya, a part-timer at her company. Several years younger than she is, Yuya seems to never have stayed long at a job. He seemed to be her total opposite and was hired only because the boss knew his dad.
Ishida Yuya... is it me, or does he look like a crocodile?... A rather hot one la... since I heard that he's hot even as a human being...

Minami was asked to play nanny to the boy and soon, Yuya found the advertising world rather interesting. Thus he tried to work seriously in the field.

Oh btw, no story would be complete without a love connection between the characters.

Yuya had a thing for Minami who has a thing for... that other guy, What's-his-name. I kinda forgot his name. Maybe as I type it would come back to me.What's-his-name... I really forgot...

Anyways, even after Minami and What's-his-name's relationship didn't work out, Yuya discovered that he really wasn't good enough for Minami, thus he worked hard to take the employment exam at the company to become part of the staff of the company and not just a part-timer.

Oh and Minami soon found herself to really care for Yuya. However, when Yuya flunked the second round of exams, he felt that Minami was worrying too much for him and that he would become a burden for her. So he left abruptly, telling What's-his-name to take care of her, and bring her to Beijing and all that.The common thing between romantic dramas seem to be men weeping for their lost love or their soon-to-be lost love. I find it rather... "Aww..." Because it is really "Aww...", Ryo has done it, so has Yama~P.


Well... this isn't such a sad drama, let's just put it that way.The thought that popped into my mind was "What nice Clouds..." I have a thing for clouds...Although not classically handsome, but he has that bad-boy look that is so popular nowadays, I think. He looks SO WRONG in a suit like that... WRONG.This has got to be the most awkward, weird, stiff-ish kiss I have ever seen onscreen. They might as well have been kissing the door of a public toilet.

Ratings: 3/5

Would have been better had Kame possess some cheekbones. His eyebrows are too well done...

xD Joke joke, he is not that bad. I just kept thinking that his surname is the combo of an Animal and a Fruit... that is enough to have me laughing during a sad scene.

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