[A-Nation] Tohoshinki - Choosey Lover, Lovin' You, Summer Dream

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Tohoshinki (That's one of their many names...) appeared in Avex Trax's yearly summer event A-Nation recently... about 3 days ago. Unlike last year, this time, they had all their members with them. YunHo was down with drink poisoning last year.

They performed 3 songs, namely "Choosey Lover", "Lovin' You" ♥ and "Summer Dream". They were sweating like cows. (Some say it was sweating like pigs... but I insist on cows.)

I have to say... they dress well. I don't know if it were relatively or whatever (since I have been poisoning my eyes with the bright-shiny costumes that Johnny's boys wear) but I appreciate the simplicity they incorporated into their outfits.

It is about time Johnny's step out of the 60s. xD Feathers, furry thingies, and sparkly thingies are no longer in. I wonder if they were ever in.

Oh I noticed that JaeJoong gained weight. ^^ Not that I care for that. Cos like, skinny is good. Especially on men. ♥ I am most certainly not discriminating anyone of any body shape other than skinny.

It is just... muscly is not... nice to me. Like you know how some men they train and train until their arms cannot be totally placed down to their sides? It is like they are consistently opening up their arms.

No good.

I think it is because their triceps are too... big or something. >.>

A wee bit of visibly buffed biceps are good. Too much of it is... >.>

Like Yama~P once was so big I was totally snapped out of the phase.

Caps spamming time. ^^

^^ It is about time I see some synchronized choreography going on.

I don't know what ChangMin is doing...

Ah JaeJoong. He is fed! ♥

Or it might be what he was wearing.

JunSu! *Remembers something about some dolphin.*

MMMicky! ♥

See, sweating like a cow.

ChangMin should get a haircut.


Aww... nostalgia...

Like they so can dance!

See! ♥ But then JE boys can rollerskate and do somersaults.

In case anyone is wondering, I did not forget to have a close up screen capture of a certain member. I just intentionally left him out.

I know I am mean, I didn't force you to read me being mean now did I?

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