[PV] Koda Kumi - Ai no Uta

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This is a very, very and I repeat, VERY nice song.

It is so nice Koda Kumi included it into the CD days before the release. They recorded it in a hurry and everything...

The video... looks expensive but boring.

Koda Kumi waited for a boyfriend who didn't appear. Wow, that is such an innovative storyline. My jaw is on the floor as I actually so did not see this coming at all.
Nice jacket though. Would kill to have that jacket.
I would like to bring your attention to her nails.
Later... now lets look at her jacket.
See her nails?
Here, have a better look. They have freaking crystal thingies hanging from her nails. Freaking crystal thingies.

Seriously? Who hangs crystals on their nails like that? Seriously!

Anyways, I am pretty sure Koda Kumi is the new Hamasaki Ayumi.


Cos Ayumi is old. Yes, 1978 is actually old in Japanese terms. They have 12 year olds jumping around posing in swim wear. 29 is actually... old.

And it was once said that the successor for Ayu would either be Otsuka Ai or Koda Kumi. But apparently, Koda Kumi just kicked Otsuka Ai's butt in terms of sales.

Or so I read.

Anyways... if Koda Kumi stops dressing like how she did in "Cutie Honey" then I am quite okay with supporting her. ^^

I mean, at least she ain't cutesy or sugary. And she laughs like a beast. I like that.

Besides, she works so hard in sucking up to Ayu... you so gotta give her credit for it.

I am pretty sure her confrontation with Ai went something like this:

Kumi: Freak
Ai: Slut
Kumi: Cutesy bitch
Ai: Skanky whore, take this! *Throws Cherries and Peaches at Koda Kumi* (If you don't understand, clearly, you are not an Otsuka Ai listener...)
Kumi: Take this, you alien. *Grabs Ai's head and sticks it in between her breasts and have her drown in between the breasts while sinks her freaky crystalish nails into Ai's throat.* Admit defeat, you puny... thing!
Ai: mmfdklsjrie (She was... suffocating...)
Kumi: Say it nicely, freak. *Realizes Ai couldn't* Oh... *Gets her opponent off her chest*
Ai: Fine... have it...

Okay... whatever... you get the point.

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