[Talk] 嵐 Was Made Cool

I went off and watched some earlier interviews with Arashi or... um.. 嵐 which is how the group's name is actually written.

No, they don't write it 'Arashi' over there...

When they were first told that they were to become a group named Arashi, they also thought that it would be in roman alphabets, but they threw the kanji in their faces...

It is unique. Especially in the 90s.

There's SMAP, V6, KinKi Kids... and then 嵐. They were so made fun off back then... xD

But with their many achievements in movies, dramas and... um movies... xD (I do realize that there is a repeat.) I don't think anyone is making fun of their name now... or they got used to it. I mean, Nino was the chosen hobbit actor to play Saigo in "Letters of Iwojima". (I am too mean.) I mean... like, Nino dined with Indiana Jones... Clint Eastwood. (One would have to assume that they at least dined together.)

I think its the meaning of the name that is made fun of. It means 'storm'. Then hosts would keep making puns with the name.

Anyways... Sho's voice was so sharp back then, its amazing how his voice is the lowest right now... xD Ah puberty...

Oh and I just realized that Aiba's hair in blonde is okay. As long as they give him some fringe-thingy. Black without fringe doesn't look good too.

Just saying...

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