[Drama] Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

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Year: 2006

Starring: Kamenashi Kazuya (Nobuta, Sapuri) , Ayase Haruka (Sekai no Chushin Ai o Sakebu Drama) , Tanaka Koki (My Boss, My Hero) , Toda Erika (Nobuta, Liar Game, Death Note), Hiraoka Yuuta (NANA, ProDai).

Episodes: 10

Hiroto, Kou and Ayuta are three poor boys who graduated into society early and had gone through life the hard way. They work to support their families at the age of just 20. They are sad people who are bitter and disappointed with life. Okay not 'they' more like Hiroto, his dad committed suicide, his mom is a good for nothing person and his little brother is weak, has asthma, and needs to move around on a wheelchair.

Hiroto narrates the story, saying something about his one and only unforgettable love happened when he was 20, which is where the story commenced. The story will fast forward into the present when we reach the end.

The three are best friends, they sell the fish they caught illegally to make extra income. Kou is a bald guy who is happy-go-lucky and all optimistic. (And so totally lovable!) Ayuta is apparently the hottest of them all. He is caring and helpful.

The three were selling their fishies as this rich chick from a prestigious female college ran into them. Nao and Yuuko, best friends, rich, bright future meets three boys who are their total opposites. The girls mistook them for students of the neighboring boys college. They meet again at a mixer thingy party thingy... and the misunderstanding deepens as the boys lie to have the girls fancy their poor asses, which worked by the way.

They hooked up, Hiroto with Nao, Kou with Yuuko and the hottest was left single. But problems arise as their status differences show. But yeah, the end... is up to you to decide if you want to discover it.

***** Spoilers begin*****

They fall in love too fast, too dramatic. The story is too cliched, too predictable (for a drama-watching veteran.)

I like Kou best because Koki is my favourite KAT-TUN member and also because guys like that are cute. xD It's fun to be with these shy, simple, direct people.

Anyways, Ayase Haruka's Nao looks a little older than Kame's Hiroto.

And Nao was said to have had leukemia when she was younger and had been cured since then but was left with a disability to reproduce. May I ask... why is it always leukemia?!

Ratings: 2.5/5 (Good thing Koki is in...)

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