[Talk] Ueda Tatsuya Has An Evil Twin

I always thought I have seen Ueda Tatsuya somewhere before. I find his aura very unpleasing.

So, he is the KAT-TUN member that I don't like the most... I don't particularly hate him or anything.

Let's put it this way:
If one day, they have decided that KAT-TUN needs only 5 letters in its name, and they gave the decision to me.

I would kick out the U. xD

I was thinking he looks so damn familiar! Where have I seen him before? I know for a fact that I haven't seen any of his dramas.

This was bugging me for a while...
And a while more... and then it hit me.

Like a lighting, it hit me.

Behold... Ueda Tatsuya's evil twin:

They look a like to me... but that's just me though.

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  1. LMAO!!!! They DO look alike! Geez, I nearly split juice all over my keyboard... but that was pretty funny...I never liked kattun anyways pfft.

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