[Single] KAT-TUN - LIPS

I think this is the jacket cover thingie for the single.

I think. And you know the Japanese come out with a gazillion editions for one single... so all three are here, I think. I think. Well... I don't know what to say.

I don't believe they are actually serious... but... these pictures are popping up everywhere I kinda believe it already. If this is a joke, it has got to be the best ever! Cos its funny and people fell for it...
From: http://www.johnnys-net.jp/j/artists/kattun/index.html#

and its on the Wiki as well...

Do they actually design it intending to make it look like this? Or did they spend all the money on something else and ended up with a tight budget and then hired an amateur to do this?

Oh its the end of the world... they have an ugly cover. What? Can't a girl have a little sarcasm in her blog?

About the song...

The verses are rather unimpressive BUT the chorus is very good. Its like "Bokura no Machi de". But my favourites are still "Real Face" and "Keep The Faith". But depending on the drama, this single just might sell. (Yes, even with THAT cover.) And although all of KAT-TUN's singles sell a lot as compared to the other groups... I am speaking in comparison with KAT-TUN's other single and not generally.

But I doubt it will reach the success "Keep The Faith" got. Their sales were going down until "Keep The Faith" changed it. Because its THAT good. Mainly because Himuro Kyosuke from Boøwy wrote it. Like how Tak Matsumoto from B'z wrote "Real Face". I tell you, the composer really matters!

I watched the performance on the show "KAT-TUN no Senpai Oshiete Kudasai" I might screencap it later... because Ueda and Taguchi looks so... xD WOW (even if Taguchi's outfit made him look like he had jumped out of some Star Wars movie). And Nakamaru... But they were singing into what I initially thought were hairdryers.

No kidding.

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