[Talk] Johnny's 4 Decades of Crack

I Hate What I Like. Does that even make sense? Lol, nevermind.

Just because you like something, doesn't mean its purrfect. I like them enough to see their actually dummies in disguise... I accept it as it is.


Anyways, I hate it when I cannot blog what I want, so I am going to continue my way of blogging. I don't really care anymore...

I recently dived deep into Johnny's history. Far deeper than SMAP, Hikaru Genji and Shounentai. Far deeper than Kondo Masahiko and Tahara Toshihiko.

Into the days of The Johnnies and say... Go Hiromi.

Go Hiromi. Ex-boyfriend of idol Matsuda Seiko. The ideal couple. They're like Brangelina of Japan back then.

He's got lotsa plastic surgery and married more times than J-Lo. Okay, I don't know if he married that often but yeah.

I read somewhere that he's Johnny's favourite, the ideal idol in Johnny's eyes. When I looked at pictures and performances from him back then. I was like "Whoa, David Bowie, only more ancient!"

And then I watched the Domoto Kyoudai episode where he appeared. I cannot believe that he is still in the business at the age of 53. He must have led a healthy life of plastic surgeries and jogging.

I mean, look at Hikaru Genji, they're all drugged up and stuff.

I was watching Shounen Club Premium recently, then it came upon me. The image just came flying like a freaking Frisbee that hit me on the head.

Kokubun Taichi looks like Go Hiromi.

No? Okay maybe its just me.

Ah... well, I forgot the point of my entry...

Except that Shounentai is full of crack, especially that Nishikiori. Kondo Masahiko is funnay as well.


I know, random is good baby. Recently, I have been listening to lotsa songs from these old farts, and they're good.

Movin' up the Johnny's hierarchy of seniority. They're actually good. In an ancient kinda way. You know how people listen to like, Billie Holiday and stuff? Yeah, that, minus the gramophone, throw in a little pop.


Just a random fact, Higashiyama Noriyuki is the first and the last... (basically meaning the ONLY) guy in Johnny's Jimusho that is scouted. Like, he met Johnny Kitagawa at Shibuya and then just went on to become the gigolo BIG star who is doing a lot of female stars. Or RUMOURED to be.

But gosh he looks so young despite being in his forties. Sometimes, I wonder if these dudes like, drank from some well that gives them prolonged youth or some shit.

And Ohno is turning 28 by the end of this year.

I seriously don't see how that works.

Ah anyways... back to Johnny's veterans.

I wonder what happened to Sato Atsuhiro of Hikaru Genji. I mean, his last remaining pal from his rollerskating days is so fired.

I wonder what will they do about the Four Nancing Pretties Dancing Kings. Like, will they find another dude who dances well Ohno and then replace the Meth dude? I mean, there has to be four, three just sounds weird.

I really wish that there is more information available in English for groups way back in the days of Johnnies, Four Leaves, Shibugakitai, and Otogogumi.

I am sure there are Japanese sites, but I can read dick in Japanese. Okay, maybe I can ask for the toilet, but that is about all.

[Allow me to stress the importance of being able to ask for the toilet in many different languages, especially languages of the countries in which English is not used. You don't know when you would need to... um... give back to the nature what you have consumed.]

And I wish I can find old episodes of "Idols on Stage"... I wanna watch young Arashi and V6 jumping about and try to spot to-be famous people. Its fun.

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  1. Yay!

    I've been listening to some 80's J-pop recently... and coming upon this is really hilarious!

    Well, I like Go Hiromi... wat?? ^^
    He's a cool dude...

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