I came across this reality show by the JE boys from years ago called "USO!" I think it means... sorta like... when someone tells you something unbelievable and you go "NO EFFING WAY!", it's replaceable with that. Ah who cares.

The show is from years ago... the quality is... medium and it gets stuck at the worst places. Every week, they would have a list of ten unbelievable stuff for them to expose or explore. Usually, the top one would be some... scary ghost rumour about some scary place, and the JE boys would go on a "JE version of Blair Witch Project" - as Sheela puts it.

Anyways,... it's reeaaally scary. T_T Plus I am such an easily scared person. So yeah.

Good thing I'm forgetful. Throw me a drama after watching this show, I'd go to sleep thinking about the drama instead.

Tackey, Arashi, Kokubun Taichi, Ryopi, Subaru, Hina, Jimmy Mackey, Ikuta Toma are the regulars on the show. They also have these... pictures of strange things accidentally captured on photos. I know that it can be easily photoshopped. Even if this show is from like, the mid 90s. But, but, but... they look so scary!

I found like... tens and tens of episodes... They are so interesting that I wanna watch them but they are so scary that I wanna stop. Conflicted, I am. Sometimes I just skipped all the scary parts... T_T

Anyways, Tsubasa appears sometimes.

The number one stories are always looked into by the Arashi members, but seldom -or never- MatsuJun. MatsuJun just sits there... its always Aiba and Nino, Nino and Ohno, Aiba and Sakurai... those four clowns. The situation in which they explore the haunted grounds are always conveniently dark as it was night time or before dawn.

In one episode, the video gets stuck at the climax of the investigation... it was stuck... like... in a scary scene, where I was already totally spooked. T_T Scary!

Scary, scary, scary.

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