[PV] Kanjani8 - Its My Soul

This is Kanjani8's newest single, it will be out soon and Ryo will be very busy because NewS is cooking up a new single as well! I am excited! Lots of Ryo!

Warning: This video is one of the gheyest I have seen.

The short tight pants tell it all.

Kinda 80s retro thing they are aiming for.

It is either that, or total gheyness.

Which is fine by me, because Ryo is such a horny young man that is hungered for big boobs that I am hardly convince by his ghey act.

Subaru knows he has nice teeth. Unlike a certain idiot with the name of a feline animal from class who annoyed me recently.

Ohkura dons a fedora. It rhymes.


Kinda hot here...

is kinda convincing if he acts ghey.

Ryo is hot.

He really is.

Subaru is short.

I dislike Maru.

Ryo is still hot.

Ohkura is too.

Shingo is weird looking.

Yoko can be hot, if he is less... animate.

Ryo's many facial expressions class continues.

Ryo the psycho.

Ohkura the model.

Ryo the catwalker.

Yasu the stripper.

Ohkura holding a uchiwa. It almost rhymed.

Big mouths are the trend in Japan now.

It is of utmost importance that they be round too.

Aww! Sho kiut!

I really don't know what to say for the screencaps above.

The choreography for this video is too ghey and lovable!

Ryo is going to eat you.

Nice, shaved legs? Are they shaved? Not so sure.

Ah... Ryo... mmmm....

Subaru... taking cues from John Travolta.

I noticed Ryo does the hands on the... waist thing a lot. A LOT. Almost as often as Pi with the coat flipping thing.

Ohkura has a big mouth.

Yoko has fat legs.

The ghey choreography again.

Ryo tries to show his nice legs.

OMFG so... disturbing.

I am done.

I think I uploaded it HERE.

I am not sure if it works.

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