[Drama] Majo no Jouken

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Episodes: 11

Starring: Matsushima Nanako, Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey), Kuroki Hitomi and a bunch of others

Matsushima Nanako as Hirose Michi, The pervy student fancier

Tackey as Kurosawa Hikaru, the student who got his teacher preggers. Way to go!

Ah stories of forbidden love. From "Romeo and Juliet" to "Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru", to "Majo no Jouken". Why is it that people like to watch other people being in deep trouble?

Why is it that people like to watch people cry and suffer? Well, if I have the answer to that, I wouldn't be addicted to watching Majo no Jouken now would I? This drama is so extremely, very, very watchable. People should watch this drama, and watch it, and watch it and watch it.

Okay, I think I got my point across.


People in dramas are so judgmental. People in reality are so judgmental. You are so judgmental. I am so judgmental.

It is human nature. Imagine this. If your teacher were to date a classmate of yours, what would your reaction be? Would you judge them along with the crowd, pointing at their out of the ordinary actions and then tell them how inappropriate it is?

Or would you give them the benefit of the doubt that it is indeed love that they have between them and feel that there is nothing embarrassing about it?

This was the case for Hirose Michi, a high school teacher who initially minded a lot about what people think of her, about how people would judge her and her actions. She has a loving fiancee and demanding parents. On the other hand, Kurosawa Hikaru, a high school student who was newly transferred to the school Michi teaches in. He is the heir to a hospital and his mom loves him unconditionally. The teacher and student finds themselves having a lot in common as both are submitted to a lot of pressure and lost themselves while trying to satisfy others.

This was how it began. The love story between a teacher and a student.

Tackey's old nose is, like, way cuter than his new nose... I heard that he went under the knife cos he broke his nose... whatever.

Truth is, in reality, we would all disapprove of it. It is odd, it is weird, it is wrong. BUT, when people portray it oh so romantically in dramas, we would judge the people who are judging them and then side with the star crossed lovers.

Anyways, that was what happened with me when I watch the drama.

And no, I won't tell you how it ends.

They sacrificed everything for each other by the 6th episode.

Matsushima was 26 when she was filming this drama, Tackey was 17.

Ah love, the excessively glorified human feeling. Dramas like these grow impulsive feelings in people.

The progression of the drama is too fast, too unexpected, too dramatic.

I like.

And the kissing scenes were totally, totally fake... no tongue.

Another important thing about this drama and why it was so great is that the theme song is… yes, that song. The most famous Japanese song of our time – ‘First Love’ by Utada Hikaru. People who don’t speak Japanese know it by heart, people who don’t give a crap about Japanese pop know it. They all know it.

And oh what is that? Tackey is so great? Oh yes he is. xD

Anyways, people should not be inspired by dramas to do freaky stuff. One day, they'll look back and regret it.

But awww.... T_T The drama is T_T

17... I am 20. He is now 25. But he was 17 here. I shouldn't be... I shouldn't!

Ini memang salah

I tell you, its all in the dramas. In dramas, pretty boys play characters that are either WAH or totally idiotic. Both of which are extremely lovable. Thus, fangirls are attracted. Unrealistic? Definitely. But if we want realistic stuff, just bring a stool and sit on the streets la… surely we’ll get some realistic dramatic happenings.

It is the dramas.

Now Tackey is WAH.

Right, just what I need, another Johnny's for me to collect PVs, performances and stuff. Not that my Tackey & Tsubasa collection is small prior to this. Now it just has to get bigger...

Cos Tackey is WAH.

Awww... Tackey!

My totally unfair rating?


xD It is good... I finished it so fast...

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