[M-Sta] Music Station 20070831

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The Music Station episodes on Animax are like, 2 to 4 weeks slower than the real thang. So I don't quite bother to watch them most of the time.

This was the episode aired 2 days ago in Japan.

L'Arc en Ciel, Utada Hikaru, aiko, Pornograffiti and Arashi were among the performers that attended (if not all).

L'Arc en Ciel's new single "My Heart Draws A Dream" ranked 1st on the singles chart. I am amazed. They put an 's' behind their 'DRAW' because heart is singular. Some uni lecturers don't even know how to do that.

The song was composed by Ken and the lyrics by Hyde and Hyde was making these eerie freaky sounds when he was singing.

And will he ever grow old?

See, Tetsu grew older.

So did Ken.

Nice set.

Ugly ring.
Hyde = freaky.

Arashi... notice something weird on the left side of the screen?

They are still not letting go of their hands, that Ohno and Ninomiya.

No, they are showing it off like they are newly in love, or their relationship baru jadi like that.

Camera guy noticed.

Camera guy zoomed in.

MatsuJun unhappy with it, "GET A ROOM!" he said.

The OhMiya couple... actually before Arashi performed, MatsuJun and Aiba were like telling the host, Tamori that those two were freaky. Onstage, Nino would grab Ohno's ass and Ohno would give out a face like dia berecstacy. And then when Nino doesn't grab his ass, he would look sad.

Then then then, when they performed, Nino went and grab Ohno's ass again.

It is freaky.

I don't even know what to make out of all these.

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