[Drama] Spring 2008

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Nishikido is said to be starring in a drama this spring... (Some time in April.) with Mizukawa Asami! xD I cannot wait. Oh... charisma will be overflowing from the drama... xD

Yamashita Tomohisa will reunite with Aragaki Yui for a drama, the last time I saw them together was "Dragonzakura" along with Nagasawa Masami.

Both dramas have yet to be named. ^^ Ryo, in a starring role. Ufuufuu. Can RyoPi like, appear in Nakai's bowling thingy together? Can Nakai like, call Ryo "Sole of the foot" again? xD Can someone cast Ohno in a drama so that Nakai can chase him around the set with weapons?

Gokusen 3 is also scheduled for airing this coming spring. AND, rumour has it that Yaotome Hikaru will be in it. I was thinking, since they put Yaotome, why don't they just throw in the whole Hey! Say! JUMP? Chinen can be a stunted high schooler. Oh Chinen is cute.

But no actors for the students have been listed. As we all are so aware of, Matsumoto Jun was in Gokusen. Akame (Or Kamenashi and Akanishi) were in Gokusen 2. This means that there WILL be a Johnny's in the third one right? This is going to be ALMOST like another 3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei. xD

But I think I am going to skip Gokusen 3. Because its repetitive. But I like Kame in the second season. From Gokusen 2, Akame was spawned. I read that Kame's new drama "1 Pound no Fukuin" will be subbed slower than "Yukan Club"... Brr... but the story sounds weird, since I haven't read the comics.

Oh and Yamada Ryosuke for HSJ is being casted alongside Kame.

Look at how amazing the engines of Johnny's Jimusho is working. Before the 1 batch of KimuTaku and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi expires, they have 3 batches waiting to replace each other. (Oh the second batch being Nino, Jun and KinKi Kids + Tackey. Third being Jin, Kame, Pi, Ryo, Toma. Lastly the HSJ people. Oh... soon kids 15 years younger than me will bounce about. Just watch.)

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