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I moved tens of my reviews and stuff from my old blog to this blog.

I took my private blog off the web for a bit because its private... but I put it back up recently... and felt that I should take it back down again for various reasons.

So... yeah, most of the reviews has been moved here and it was a lot of work. But I want this to be complete...

I am sure there are still a few lingering reviews at the old blog still hidden somewhere but I figured this is enough for one night...

Back then I had an intense dislike for Johnny's... (Look where it got me to...) and I placed their surnames at the back... like Masaki Aiba instead of Aiba Masaki.

My ways of reviewing changed and the entries date back to 2006 or earlier...

And I was meaner than I am in criticizing celebrities... because... well, its my blog and all...

But now, I turned into a big ball of love for almost everything except KAT-TUN... because every time I see the word KAT-TUN I remember myself being terrorized by some of their fans. In fact, being terrorized by them is okay, its the nightmares that came later that made me shiver at every mention of the band's name. Oh yes the nightmares...

*Goes to a corner and weep*

BUT, Kame is so cute in "1 Pound no Fukuin"... see if only I wasn't terrorized, I would have said a whole bunch of good things about Kame like how he was sho kiut in Tensai last night. And he was with Aiba!

But yeah, I saw some screencaps and Kame is really cute in the drama... I want to watch "Tatta Hitotsu no Koi" again... but then I might have nightmares as an after effect because seeing Kame would remind me of the scary fans... and really... they are scary... T_T

[I mean some fans, not all. Some fans, like those teenybopper-ones that posted useless comments in here a while ago. If you are one of the teenyboppers you are free to plant one of your useless comments here again.]

*Weeps in a corner again.*

Anyways, I learned that you can slowly learn to like things, even things you thought you could never like...

I used to hate YamaPi for no reason at all other than he upstages Ryo a lot. But I learnt to like him... xD Ah, good old days of liking Pi... it all started with Nobuta wo Produce.

Never in a million years would I predicted for myself to be so into Johnny's 2 years ago, and then boom, it happened. Amazing.

Uh-huh, thats all.

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