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MatsuJun is popular for a reason.

Popular people are popular for a reason.

Some stars are shining brighter than the others for a reason.

I went for a quest to discover the reason behind Jun's popularity besides his strong features and caterpillar-like brows.

I thought and thought for a bit and then, I decided that thinking will not do.

So I re-watched a drama that I first watched so long ago, "Hana Yori Dango" or "HanaDan" and I found the reason behind Jun's popularity.

Tsukasa's stupid. Jun used to be stupid until he thought stoic was cool. I bet its all that Sawada Shin's fault. Playing Sawada Shin in Gokusen made Jun adopt part of Shin into himself. Early 2002, we can still see the Jun that is all smiles and happy. Late 2002 saw a drastic change in Jun. Acting all cool and cocky. Really, I personally observed that with the shows they go on. The change took place in one year.

In one year, that cute bouncy Jun morphed into the cocky slut. I prefer the former. But I guess its okay. As I said before and I am saying it again, anything Johnny's spit out, I will take it.

So yes, back to topic. Jun is popular because he is kinda stupid. As we all know, stupid people are lovable. Yes, look at DoTs and DoKo, pure stupidity, do we like them? Yeah. Look at Nakai, doesn't look like much, but is he stupid. Hell yeah. Do we like him? Yeah.

I literally laughed aloud watching HanaDan because Tsukasa is damn stupid. Thus I have decided that Jun is popular for a reason. So Leader has his stupid reactions, Nino has his gayness and of course his rude remarks, Aiba is the perfect definition of "a mixture of stupidity and innocence" and Sho has the stupid facial expressions and Jun has THIS. By THIS I mean the whole passage that I cannot explain in a few words. SO yeah.

Anyways Jun's hot. And he loves Leader. We can so tell his favourite is Leader. I know usually people would say he loves Aiba but I just cannot see it.

I don't know why the hell do I care enough to type so much about it but its not like I have anything else to do.

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