[Artist] S.K.I.N.

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I am really not sure how I feel about this... new... band... but it just attracts my attention for some reason.

S.K.I.N., a band consists of Yoshiki (OLD Drag-queen-ish fellow), Gackt (REAL freak whose age is still unknown but is most probably nearing his 40s), Sugizo (DRAG queenx10000) and Miyavi (Young and hawt and a MAN)... The age gap is... big. Miyavi is like... 26 and the others are 40 and above. (Since Gackt said he is a 400+ years old immortal, we shall take it as he is over 40.)

I cracked up looking at these piccies!

Miyavi used to be in Due le Quartz or some band with a freaky name similar to that (like, get a name that we can pronounce, no wonder they all broke up. We can't even pronounce their bandnames.) and he is still so pretty. I think his solo career wasn't that bad, he was one of the few that we still hear from every now and then. Why is he joining the bunch of has-beens who are trying to make a comeback?
I think Yoshiki has got manboobs! Oh well, one cannot be young and pretty forever. Still a drama queen I see. Old habits die hard.
Those are wrinkles. I am sure. And gosh like, does he cut his hair? I didn't like his previous band, Luna Sea, so I guess it is no surprise that I don't like him.
Something sparked in me when I saw Gackt. Good-old Gackt. Without Gackt, I don't think I would be crazy over the Johnny's Boys today. Without Gackt, I would most probably be listening to Amy Winehouse and Good Charlotte only today. I thank Gackt for bringing Yamapi and Ryo into my life.

The times when I was into him was good while it lasted. Now I see an old freak who has lots of drama waiting for us. I like him with short hair. (All men should have short hair. Except those who already look like girls...)
The band has yet to release CDs. They are performing all over the place... like in the US and stuff.

My predictions for the band:
  1. First, small cat-fights will happen for the sake of creative control.
  2. Then, they are going to start yanking out each others' hair out by the roots.
  3. But they decided that they will stick together as they stand stronger like so.
  4. Their first album will sell a little. Then they are going to fade into history.
End of story.

A union of drama queens and spotlight hoggers will not last.

I need to get more RAM. T_T But it is good for now..

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