[Buzz] Can You Say "Awww"?

I don't know when this was... but aww...

I didn't know that there was this thing happening... awww...

SawaEri looks so pretty in here...

And Nishikado... I mean Matsuda Shota looks so all-smiles.


I found a few picture of different couples... If they're having lunch, I'd call them friends, when they hold hands... well... I'll call them a couple.

Aww... young people in love...

I feel so old... being 20 and not in love...

*Goes out to find love*

Yeah, right, maybe later.

I don't get the meaning of life anymore. Classes start, I get too busy, break starts, I turn into a vege. Its always the extremes... I wish I can have activities without being too busy.

Oh wait, wrong blog to talk about personal stuff.

But... awww... young love.

I know they're not like, YOUNG, but if its under 30 I guess its still okay, besides, its perfectly normal for people to marry in their 30s nowadays.

20s is the decade where you get the most fun and action. With freedom and money and stuff. You know, when you start to earn yet you stay at home and be parasites to your parents... but they don't really care if you don't come home for the night...

Not that I do that. Cos I am still... like... not earning, but when I EARN... Oh monay is good for health.

*Realizes she got out of topic*

Aww.... young love.

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