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OMFG I finally finished uploading.

This was the hardest uploading task ever as Blogger was throwing a fit...

But it all came through as a result of my freakin' hard work and negligence of my studies.

NewS' single, weeeek is to be released and the PV is out.

Four words. RYO is on CRACK.

I am not shitting ya. Ryo is on crack. I fear for his mental health. He is going down the drain...

And gaining fangirls...

Anyways, this is the biggest freaking capspam one will ever see on this blog. No way I am putting myself through that uploading hell again.

The first solo cut we see, is Ryo's. It was RYO's and not PI's. I am overjoyed.
Pi comes in next with his Kurosagi haircut. Filming of the movie is underway!

Look at what Ryo is doing with his arm...

He is so totally high...
Look at that, he is high I tell you...

Ahhh... his heat needs no reassurance.
But his... um... tendency to goof around recently is just... disturbing.
He was doing this totally freaky dance here...
and here... Ryo's comfortable with the camera now. I kinda miss his camera shy days.
It's that dance again...

Awww... sho kiut!
Look at Ryo dancing funny again.
He changed, Ryo. So did everyone else actually. This song sees NewS to a new era. For me.
Equal division of song parts...
The new era where Ryo is... on crack.
I am half convinced that Shibutani Subaru had a role to play in Ryo's... mental crash.
He is just... different. I can totally feel it.
It's like... he can finally call himself a Kanjani8 member.
IOW, basically he is just being a goofball.
Pi's rather serious compared to Ryo.
And I really am starting to dislike Tegoshi.
He is so fake.
Nice bag Ryo...
Nice thingie on your waist too.
Ryo's dancing again...
Stripping and dancing.
Somebody save that man's sanity!

He's at it again. RYO!!! Stop dancing freakily, he is scaring me...
Look at that high face!

When Ryo is not dancing, he tortures Massu.

Why Massu? WHY? - Ryo asked.
Poor Massu and Pi was totally kinda shocked at the background.
Awwww RyoPi.
Back to the torture.
See that face. Tell me he isn't high!


Ewww... I don't like Tegoshi anymore. T_T

This is a very important screen cap. Ryo thinks he can fly.
And he raise up his arms... and attempt to take off...
Tegoshi sucks up to Pi way too much.
RyoPi is the way to go. xD


It's the teeth scene... Shige will win if I were the judge.
Five? Where's Ryo?
See that crazy fellow jumping in tha background?
See him?
He's jumpin'
He seriously menggila in this video.

Dancing again.
xD Shaking that ass...
So totally high...

And... he lost it.

He totally lost it.


Blogger is being a totally freaking asshole.

And I have to study!!!!

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