[Drama] Dragonzakura

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Starring: Hiroshi Abe, Kyoko Hasegawa, Tomohisa Yamashita, Masami Nagasawa, Teppei Koike, Saeko...

11 episodes.

A poor, ex-motorcycle gang leader, lawyer is summoned to a school that is almost bankrupted to sort out its debts and stuff. But he decided that this would not do anything for his reputation which was ruined by an article showing the lawyer's past in a magazine. The school, Ryuuden Koukou is well known for producing 'stupid' students and their average mark is 36%. The lawyer, Sakuragi decided to send 5 students to the prestigious Toudai (Tokyo University). Thus a special acceleration class was held.

Sakuragi slowly recruited students to join, skillfully attracted their attentions to their studies, and gained the respect of the students and teachers alike.

Yamapi's character is Yuusuke, whose family is deep in debt left behind by his father who left the family. Sakuragi paid the debt using school money thus Yuusuke, feeling indebted (though he wouldn't admit it) joined the special class.

Masami Nagasawa's character is Yuusuke's childhood friend, Naomi (affectionately called Boo by Yuu-kun and later Hideki too) joined the class because she doesn't want her future to be confined to the restaurant owned by her family where her mother had to sorta... do waitressing while being grabbed and hugged by customers.
Yuusuke's bandmember, Hideki (Teppei Koike!!!) has a rich family, and his dad kept comparing himself with Hideki and made Hideki felt like he was worth nothing, he joined to proof his dad dead wrong.
Yuusuke's girlfriend, Yoshino, joined at first to be close to Yuusuke and also to keep Naomi/Boo's claws off Yuu. However, she become more and more interested in getting into Toudai and later realized something like this "The hell with Yuusuke, I'm gonna get into Toudai!"
Saeko's character, Maki joined cos she has a bitchy celebrity friend who sends her messages scorning her all the time. She was sick of all that crap, so she wanted to show who's the boss!
Then there is this nerdy twin, Ichirou, whose twin brother Jirou was the 'smart' one, expected to be accepted into Toudai. He always did the best for Jirou and one day, Jirou was being a total asshole, so he decided that Jirou is so not worthy of Toudai like he is. So he joined.
I may have exaggerated their reasons for joining the class and made them seem evil, the truth is, I think drama characters are too fictionalized. People are born to prioritize themselves. So, yeah, I included my own opinions. Ah... XD

Anyways Yamapi as a rude juvenile delinquent (sorta) is absolutely irresistible. But in a scene where his face was focused on by the camera, I can't help noticing his ugly, tasteless earring on his left ear. T_T
Teppei is like a puppy you want to put in your bag and bring home. Then you would feed him with milk and let him play with a fake bone! Aww sho kiut!!Teppei: Feed me, I am sho kiut!

This is the second drama I saw with Yamapi and Masami. The first being Proposal Daisakusen. They keep playing 'Childhood Friends'... xD tsk tsk tsk... Yamapi also collaborated with Maki Horikita twice, I think. In Nobuta wo Produce and Kurosagi (watching it tomorrow).

I first saw Masami in... 'Sekai no Chuushin, Ai o Sakebu", and her character shone, also her name was credited behind Kou Shibasaki's. I didn't care much about Kou's. The leading guy was also... yeck! But Mirai Moriyama was okay la.

Saeko, again was more likable compared to when she was in NANA. And those two guys from "A Litre of Tears", those two playing Ryo's character's sidekick was also in there, you would notice if you look carefully. xD

Ending details.

Wouldn't it be too predictable if only some of them passed? I have noticed that the trend of dramas lately was to try and make the ending less cliched. Which is why I knew that not all of them will pass. I was right!

Maki promised Hideki if he passed, she is going to XXX him. Well, the both didn't pass. Boo missed the exam cos her mom was sick.

And Yuu-kun was so in love with Boo. It was so obvious, but by then Yoshino didn't give a shit already. xD
The sight of Yuu-kun in a yukata is not only manly but sexy. xD

I am not a perv. T_T I am just bored of the monotony of my life right now. I am lovin' it. But I need to buy some stuff but I could never get myself out of the house or tear myself from the monitor without being discouraged halfway. I am an indoors person. It is just so hot outside.

My electric bill is going to soar... I cannot stand it. It is so hot! The air-conditioner is always on.

That bastard who lives next door actually burnt rubbish behind his house. It was a big, big fire. My God, does he have no common sense? The global warming is so serious, what the hell is he doing? I am pissed!

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