[Drama] Taiyou no Uta

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*Warning: Spoiler alert, this blog entry contains huge, big, large, enormous spoilers to the drama ‘Taiyou no uta’ so if you wanna like watch it without spoilers don’t read. But its not like we don’t know what is going to happen in the end la… so predictable.*

Drama starring Yamada Takayuki and Erika Sawajiri. Language: Japanese.

18-year-old Kaoru Amane (Erika Sawajiri) grew up with a type of disease called XP. (note: XP is not the emoticon with the closed eyes and tongue sticking out. Its two alphabets, X and P.) The diseease does not allow her to be under the sun or go out in the morning without wearing an outfit resembling a spacesuit. If she does, her skin would get an infection and turn into skin cancer and she will die an ugly death.

Then she met Kouji, whose guitar she picked up... and so starts a romance that will be filled with sorrow as death slowly consumes the girl.

Sounds familiar, especially the dying part.



Erika Sawajiri has to stop dying! She keeps dying a long, painful death. It hurts to watch.

At least in this drama there is less suffering, less sappiness and no Asou-kun.

I know Sheela hates Takayuki Yamada, she feels menyampah when she sees his face. I didn’t like him in Densha Otoko, but in this drama I find him okay. I mean, the last part where Kouji Fujishirou was imagining that he was with Kaoru Amane on the beach totally breaks my heart. How can you hate him when he has to live the rest of his life reminiscing a lover that is separated from him by death? You can’t!!!

However, I really think that Erika Sawajiri should stop acting these stereotypical roles.

Girl gets chronic, untreatable disease, girl dying, disease gets in the way of brave girl and her dreams, girl lives on bravely, girl’s courage attract sweet guys, guys’ hearts break while watching her die a slow, painful death (the death will be pretty though), girl dies but lives on in the hearts of the people. Yada yada yada.

I blame the sun for being cruel. Overall, its a nice drama, but if you watched a litre of tears and then watch this, or watch this and then the other, you will see the similarities, then you will get kinda pissed and think stuff like, "Can't she stop dying already?"

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