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The second movie picks up where the first one stopped.

Frankly, the second movie sucks. Not only does it suck when it is compared to the first movie. It sucks as a movie, period.

The casting acts as a repellent to fans of the first movie. The first movie was well received by the fans of the manga/anime. I remember the joy of watching the first movie and then go "Oh! Ren!"

NEVER, never change the cast of a well-received movie for a sequel. Even if it is a contract matter or whatever. Offer then more money, adjust the filming schedule, do whatever it takes to get them back!


I think this is not the first time I dedicate a whole update to complaining about the second NANA movie. I remember vaguely about posting a picture of Nobuo Kyou on one occasion and tainted the face of my blog.

But I am going to do it again. Complaining. I can't help it, watching it fired up my disappointment.

Banyak Spoilers. And I mean Banyak. Hell, I might even type out the ending with their lines, word by word if I fancy doing so.

First problem: One of the title character is changed. They took away kawaii Aoi and replaced her with... some fluffy... person who can't really act.

Then, they took away Shin's relationship with Reira. The whole thing! Reira's actress, Yuna Ito, I can see even in the first 2 short scenes in which she had no lines in, that she couldn't act if her life depends on it. But it would be fun to watch... since Shin is such a pretty boy and Reira is so mature looking. xD I have this mental image of that scene in the manga where Reira was in the bathtub with Shin. I mentally cut Yuna's face and Hongo Kanata's face and plastered them on. It is soooooo amusing, that scene!

There is a third scene where Reira teases Takumi about some Stella girl. She spoke in English. So did Naoki! Naoki is Love, Nobu! I lurve Nobu! In the movie, the manga, the anime, whatever. Nobu is the best!

Takumi is... well, I have always thought that if I had to choose to throw someone out of the storyline, besides all those minor characters, it would be Takumi. But he never left a good impression, until there was "Takumi's story" in volume 18. But still, I prefer others like Nobu, Yasu, Shin, Ren, even Naoki. (manga, manga, not movie, in the movie I would gladly sweep Ren into the longkang and have him washed away into Nile.)

Yasu is <3, I didn't like Yasu in the first movie because he is so old! And Yasu in the manga is more... Yasu-ish. xD I saved the 'best' for the last.

Ren. T_T Nobuo Kyo, the actor for Ren, has really ugly, big nipples. Two patches of deformed nipples stuck to his chest. His... body shape is kinda weird, his abs is full of flabby fat. Ah come to think of it, who am I to complain eh? xD I am kinda flabby too.

Oh well. Eee... I complained less than I thought I would, probably because it is such an old movie. I am deprived of Ryuhei Matsuda goodness, so I have decided that I would watch a movie called" 4.6 Billion Years of Love". Starring... none other than Ryuhei Matsuda, whom I just discovered the other day, is the brother of Shota Matsuda, the guy who played Nishikado in "Hana Yori Dango" series, he is also in "Liar Game". But after about 10 minutes of "Liar Game", I just... couldn't watch it anymore. It must be that it is not my flavour.

Oh well. They added some scenes, omitted some scenes to make the movie end in a 'right' way that is different from the manga's, because... obviously the manga hasn't ended yet. In short, it is a movie that is unworthy of your time, unworthy of your money (if you are planning to buy the DVD), unworthy of attention altogether.

END. *****

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